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Laserfiche, a privately owned company based out of California. Laserfiche creates simple, elegant document management solutions that help organizations run smarter. A resource for over 25,000 organizations since 1987, Laserfiche solutions help government agencies and businesses meet today's demands.
This is an amazing product, the premise of Laserfiche is to help your company go paperless. Think of the time wasted by you and your employees locating documents and information, probably hundreds of hours wasted per year. Are you paying for offsite document storage? Laserfiche will eliminate that, once documents are scanned in Laserfiche you will be able to search for them as well as the text on them. Laserfiche will OCR(Optical Character Recognition) the documents(this means the software will read the scanned image for words), this will allow you to search all the words in a document. Among the many other functions Laserfiche can accomplish is long term storage of emails including all information and attachments, all searchable in Laserfiche. These are just a few of the great features that will make your company run more efficiently and effectively all the while saving time and money.
It is very cost effective to get started. Only buy what you need when you need it. Once you see it, you will wonder how you did without the software. Laserfiche is the inventor of document management, they are the best in the business.
The US government uses Laserfiche. Together with slight changes in business processes and disaster recovery plan the software is ISO, FDA, SOX, HIPAA and SEC compliant. Laserfiche sell an edition which is Department of Defense 5015.2 Certified, so the security is rock solid. This also means, in place of, saving the original documents you can use Laserfiche.

Laserfiche is general enough to work in any company, clinic or organization, but can be customized to fit each individual companies needs and desires.

Here is how Laserfiche can help in Healthcare:
Taking a Paperless Approach to Managing Patient Data
Improve Customer Care, Maximize Efficiencies
Regardless of size; doctors’ offices, medical labs, and related healthcare organizations are some of the most paper-intensive work environments. Even the most efficient medical offices struggle to maintain accurate patient records while complying with increasing privacy regulations, and managing the endless maze of insurance submissions and patient billing.
No matter how you look at it, documents – be they physician notes, lab reports, insurance submissions, EOBs and EOPs, or patient bills - are the common denominator for the administrative challenges facing today’s healthcare organizations. Add to the mix stringent industry and privacy regulations, as well as the growing need for instant file access, and you’ve uncovered an industry that is mired down by paperwork.
For some, these cumbersome document management challenges and business requirements have become so common and time-consuming that many doctor’s offices opt to forgo payment for some services rendered. The reason: they simply do not have the staff available to track contested insurance claims back to the specific patient record for clarification for small amounts.
These inefficiencies are why more and more healthcare organizations are turning to Laserfiche. As the leading provider of affordable document management solutions for small and mid-size businesses, Laserfiche provides healthcare organizations a better way of doing business and a smarter means of managing their documents and day-to-day files.
By using Laserfiche document management software, healthcare companies can quickly organize, store, and access patient, lab, billing, and insurance records in a secure, searchable database. Nurses can instantly call up complete patient charts and office managers can quickly locate and e-mail documentation needed by insurance companies to clarify refused claims in seconds. With Laserfiche, managing documents and providing better service is simple, fast and affordable.
Laserfiche Helps Healthcare Get Organized Each day the number of documents created, referenced and stored by the healthcare industry grows exponentially. As a result, electronic document management solutions are no longer a luxury, but a necessity for medical offices of all sizes.

With Laserfiche hospitals, physician practices, and other healthcare professions can:
  • Quickly create electronic files for new patients
  • Easily append lab reports, doctors notes, etc. for existing patients
  • Ensure the privacy of confidential patient information
  • Address patient questions via instant access to electronically organized, searchable files and records
  • Reduce the costs of HIPAA compliance
  • Improve billing and collections via immediate cross-reference searches of EOBs and EOPs to specific patient charts
  • Minimize the cost of maintaining records and storing patient charts and files
  • File patient charts and lab reports more accurately and timely
Some of the most essential features of Laserfiche software include:
  • Universal Access to Information
  • Reductions in Paper-Based Storage
  • Rapid Deployment and Superior Performance
  • Full Scalability of Software
  • Minimized Training
The Laserfiche Document Imaging & Management Platform is the electronic archival and retrieval system of your enterprise. Laserfiche solutions address the range of document-related problems businesses are faced with daily.
Laserfiche solves these problems through maximizing information accessibility, records security and end-user productivity. Explore the product areas below to learn how.

Platinum is a Value Added Reseller(VAR) of Laserfiche Document Management Systems. We have been working with Laserfiche for many years and as a result have gained a great deal of in-depth knowledge and experience in document management technologies. This educational experience has allowed us to create solutions to fit the needs desired.  Laserfiche has various software options available to meet those needs. As in past years Laserfiche continues to show strength and flexibility in the marketplace through keeping true to the original formula which made laserfiche what is today.


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