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Fiber Optic Jargon
What is the cost of poor cabling?
I have offices that are a good distance from the telco closet, what is the maximum length a Category 5/5e/6 cable can be and still work?
What is the difference between Cat3, Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6, etc.?
What is a Plenum ceiling?
I need both voice and data cable installed; is there any advantage to installing Cat 5e or Cat 6 for my phone system?
What are the basics of Fiber?
If I don't have a Plenum Ceiling can I/should I have Plenum Cable installed anyway?
What do you recommend we have installed for use in our Ethernet network?
If I have a Plenum ceiling how does that affect my cabling needs? (What is the difference between PVC and Plenum rated Cable.)
Can Cat 5e/Cat 6 work with our existing Cat 5 patch panel?
How long should I keep things for managing my records?
What kind of attacks can be made on my email?
How do I chose a operating system?
Why is my windows computer getting slower?
How do I know if my firewall is working?
How do I know I have a firewall?
What is a firewall?
What is Spyware?
What is fixed cost computing?
How do I protect myself from Viruses, Worms and Trojans?
Excellent Tips for anyone who owns or operates a network.
What are Windows Temporary Files?
How can I prevent SPAM?
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