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Welcome to for all you low voltage needs.

No single investment in technology will last longer than your cabling system! Cabling is the foundation of your network, it must be reliable!

Did you know? Nearly 70 % of all network related problems are due to poor cabling techniques and cable-component problems.

Today's businesses require advanced information technology to maintain a competitive advantage. As technology continues to evolve, the corporate network must support voice, data, video and multimedia applications. The growing size of networks and the introduction of higher-speed access methods create an overwhelming need for reliable, manageable cabling systems. Careful planning will prevent congestion that can dramatically diminish your network performance.

Platinum can design and implement cabling systems, which may include several independent cabling solutions of different media types. We have expertise in all copper cabling(CAT 3-7), Coax, Fiber Optic(Single and Multi Mode), and many other low-voltage cabling for audio, security, and access control systems. Ultimately, your network's specific requirements will determine the appropriate cabling choices for your information system.

Horizontal and Backbone Cabling Pathways Systems: These systems consist of structures such as cable trays and j-hooks to conceal, protect, support and provide access to your cabling infrastructure.

Backbone Distribution Systems: These systems consist of fiber and copper cabling and provide connections between your equipment rooms (ER’s), telecommunications rooms (TR’s) and telecommunications service entrance facilities. We can install these systems within your buildings and in your campus.

Horizontal Cabling Systems: These systems consist of category 3-7, fiber optic cabling and termination products installed between the telecommunications rooms (TR’s) and the work areas.

Telecommunications and Equipment Rooms: These rooms provide connections between your Backbone and Horizontal systems and connections to your network and telephone equipment.

Fire Stopping: We install fire stopping to reestablish the integrity of fire-rated structures when cable, cable trays, cable sleeves, conduit and inner ducts penetrate these barriers.

Grounding and Bonding Systems: These systems consist of bonding and grounding specifically for telecommunications systems between telecommunications rooms, and for the components within telecommunications rooms.

What are the effects of improper grounding?

Decreased Efficiency

Electrical noise is introduced on data cables when surges are not properly dissipated by the grounding system. They cause faulty data signals and dropped packets, thus decreasing the throughput and overall efficiency of your network.

Lower Reliability

According to insurance industry data, improper grounding of communication systems leads to $500 million per year of damage to property and/or equipment due to lightning.

The Information Technology Industry Council states that grounding is the single-most important factor in reliable network equipment performance.

Industry experts estimate that 27%-33% of damaged equipment in a user’s facility is caused by electrostatic discharge. The component cost of repairing damaged equipment substantial for complex circuit boards, especially when labor and downtime are considered.

According to the IEEE, the typical AC third prong ground is almost never sufficient to prevent damage to network equipment.

Safety Risks

Personal injury from electric shock caused by improper grounding can cause immeasurable human suffering and significant expense.

Potential fire hazards exist when heat is generated from electrical surges that find a high resistance path to ground.


We audit existing data, voice, and video cable infrastructure.

Platinum provides more than Cabling

Platinum provides complete solutions, from end-to-end including: system planning, to purchasing, to installation and integration with your current systems. Contact us and we'll help you plan your next upgrade.

Equipment Sales: In our over ten years of low-voltage cabling we've worked on and installed a wide variety of systems. We can advise you on the best equipment for your situation and purchase it for you through our vendors. This way you'll know that everything works together because we're installing it for you. We can help with phone systems, data network hardware, and audio and video equipment.

Hardware installation: We've installed a wide variety of systems including fire alarms, security, access control, music and paging - just about any low-voltage equipment you can think of.

Wire and Equipment Migration: Whether you need to move your network to a new location, or move a computer to another office, we can help.

Rack and Wiring Cleanup: As businesses grow they sometimes outgrow their cabling systems. Those jury-rigged cables may have been a great solution at the time, but now no one knows where they're going. We can come in, figure out what goes where, organize or install new wiring cabinets, and prepare you for future growth.

Network Setup: Platinum is experienced setting up a wide variety of network infrastructures. If you need a complete network, or simply want to extend your current capabilities, Platinum can help.

Fast Service: Our experienced staff responds quickly, within 48 hours or less guaranteed without optional response time upgrades. Response time upgrades can be 2,4,6,8,12 or 24 hours guaranteed depending on you needs.

24x7 Service: Our Staff can work during business hours, after business hours and/or on the weekends, whatever is convenient for your business, without additional or increased fees.

Solutions Provider: Since our foremost expertise is providing services and solutions in technology industry our staff is on the cutting edge of technology and can provide innovative end-to-end solutions that make sense for your business. Our technicians look at every project with the bigger technology picture in mind. So we can ensure the perfect solution every time.

Contact us at anytime to learn how Platinum can help you with you IT Wiring needs.

What is the cost of poor cabling?

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